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1 - PPR pipes

Image descriptionPPR means Polypropylene copolymerized random (typeIII), is a new generation of environment-friendly green construction materials which developed in the 1990s. Besides of light weight PPR pipes have the following features: such as lightness, no corrosion, long life resistance, anti-deposition and easy install etc.                                                                                                                                                                PPR pipe also have some other advantages, like hygienic, heat resistance and longer service life. Meanwhile, its coefficient of heating conductivity is quite low and its is good at heat preservation and energy conservation.                                                                                                                                                           Because of the technique of thermosol binding, it is convenient to be installed and reliable in joints. Skilled worker even can setup 500 meter in one day. It largely saving labor expense and improve efficiency. Compared with aluminum multiunit pipe, PPR pipe can be made into tubular products with larger calibers, with the largest reaching more than 160mms in caliber. Some producer even developed OD200MM, OD250MM specifications in Germany. Large diameter pipe need more large fittings to fit.

2 - PPR pipes Specifications

  Wall Thickness S(20°c Pressure, MPa)
Diameter DN,MM S5(PN1.25) S4(PN1.6) S3.2(PN2.0) S2.5(PN2.5)
20 2.0 2.3 2.8 3.4
25 2.3 2.8 3.5 4.2
32 2.9 3.6 4.4 5.4
40 3.7 4.5 5.5 6.7
50 4.6 5.6 6.9 8.3
63 5.8 7.1 8.6 10.5
75 6.8 8.4 10.3 12.5
90 8.2 10.1 12.3 15.0
110 10.0 12.3 15.1 18.3
160 14.6 17.8 21.8  

Color: Green, white, Grey, other color depend on customer' demands

Piece length: Overall length of 4 meters as well as other demanded lengths

Standred: ISO15874;DIN8077 8078;GB/T 18742;

3 - Pipe connection

Among the kinds of connection methods, socket fusion processes are most usually used to connect the system. We can provide all kinds of fittings and accessories, such as tees, male &female thread connectors, reducers, elbows saddle fittings,valves, welding machines and assembly tools. Main processes of socket fusion: Please refer to fittings page for more.

4 - Install procedure

Cut pipe1.Cut the pipe perpendicularly to its axis, using an appropriative pair of scissors.(slightly rotate the scissors during the cutting process to get a round pipe end.).

Cut pipe2. Mark the pipe with a particular pen according to the fusion depth of the fittings.

Cut pipe3. Put the pipe and fitting onto the male/female moulds of the fusion machine and heat them at the fixed temperature of 260°C for prescriptive time.

Cut pipe4.Push the pipe into the fitting, then hold them to finish the fusion process.